While waiting for someone to open the door the sounds of hammering and running machines coming from inside caused quite a stir. The moment the door opened I saw people completely engrossed. In the way they were handling the wood I could actually feel the excitement. Everyone seemed amused and satisfied. This being the second day of the workshop (I could not make it on the first day due to….I think that is not important) everyone’s confidence in using the tools and machines was remarkable. Some were busy giving shape to the wood whilst others were busy designing their product. Interestingly, there was one who was resting on a chair admiring what he had created. I could definitely gauge the expertise of these people in using the wood, which to my amusement was almost negligible (this was their first time working with the wood) but with the grace and sureness everyone worked was fascinating to see.

Oh yes! Not to get carried away, the prime motive of this workshop was to make people abreast with the techniques of wood working. For this purpose the white board was decorated with drawings of different designed clocks with the measurements clearly written on each design for the participants to refer to. All the needed materials and tools were provided to the participants and the facilitators were on their toes to assist the participants in finishing their product. Without doubts the arrangement was commendable. All the paraphernalia required to achieve the goal was warily provided. The facilitators kept moving from one work station to the other to help the participants use the tools with care.


Coming back to the experience, even the unkempt tables added to the excitement. Smiling faces were to be seen all around. Amidst all this a kid seemed busier playing on his ipad. He had accompanied his dad but being too young to use the tools he was not permitted to touch any. Interim he took rounds to see what everyone is up to. His curiosity to explore the tools finally made him seize a few un-precarious ones. His happiness was beyond measurement. While he proficiently drew on a piece of wood using the tools others forged ahead with their plan. Their religious engagement with the wood was making the end product come alive gradually. None had the time to quench their thirst or hunger. But as we all know only food can relax the stomach. So we all sat to have lunch.


Over lunch while savouring the delicious food discussions about technology and education ensued. The discussion captured everyone’s attention and with high regards all participated. The discussion itself was highly enriching but the eagerness to get back to their beloved clocks ceased the discussion with the spark to get back later.
So, after lunch all regained with the work with more energy and determination. Soon the clocks were ready. All displayed their clocks for others to venerate. Facilitators efficiently helped the participants to move from one level to the other. They saved the most exciting part to be told at the end.

4 (1)

What do you think was the last level? Any guesses? It was time to now paint the clock! Everyone’s eyes twinkled listening to this. Grabbing the brushes and paints all started to smear varied colours on their clocks. Out of all the kid was the most elated. He excitedly chose the colours he wanted to paint the clocks with. He joyously helped his father complete the last level. His artistic touch to the clock made it all the more special for the father. All the imagination and hard work was visible in each clock. Myriad of colours escalated the dynamism in the room.


Eventually the clocks were ready to be proudly exhibited. It was fascinating to see even a taxing work like cutting and refining a wood thus making it into a clock energising people. Working with the wood surely had doubled the energies and the knowledge gained with collaboration will be revered by all. I am sure this experience will be remembered and cherished through and through.
Good Luck NB Team for your vitality and vision.

Written By:
Tanvi Parwal
Planning and Creativity Advisor
Nuts & Boltz makerspace