A company is not a company because of its physicality. A company’s backbone is the people working there. It is the members of the company who give life to its physical structure. It is not a humongous task to built the structure of a company but what is toiling is to built a team who literally lives for the company, a team whose vision matches that of the company’s. Of course its not a unidirectional process, even the company has to ensure its employees growth and work towards their interests. This is something that Nuts and Boltz showcase profoundly.

Neither am I advocating about this place nor am I exaggerating.The kind of team work this company shows is commendable. What Nuts and Boltz intend to bring in the market is a pretty new concept. To make it a success and to make people believe in this concept requires huge amount of effort. I am not saying that an age old concept can be sold effortlessly. Rather what I am trying to convey is that bringing a new concept is always accompanied with the risk of it failing due to non acceptance. Nuts and Boltz proved its worth and raised its bar in blink of an eye. At least that is how it appears from a distance! From being an unexplored place to India’s top 5 Makerspace, its journey has not been less than a roller coaster and so has been the lives of people working here.

Nuts and Boltz is a success because of the people working here. There is no doubt about it. They have worked day in and day out to make it a big success. It is because of their hard work and dedication that nuts and boltz has made its place in the market. Their conviction and passion is infectious (this infection is healthy). I can convincingly say that no one will go out uninfected from this place. This is only because of the people working here. Their tremendous enthusiasm surely tethers the mind.

The positive vibes of this place is not because of any yagya or cosmic power. It is because of these people. Their energy kills all the negativity. Their trust in each other is the secret behind it. The passion and team work these people portray is worth learning. I am highly impressed by them and I am sure so are others who have visited this place even once.

Three cheers to the team of Nuts and Boltz! Keep up the spirit and keep high the standards!

P.S. You can actually buy passion free of cost. Give it a try. 😉

Written by:

Tanvi Parwal