Another day, chock-full of excitement, exhilaration, passion, and zest, at Nuts and Boltz Makerspace, Delhi. Yes, we organized a maker‘s party the last weekend at our makerspace. The party was meant for some zealous college graduates with immense aspiration to use our tools and equipments. All these people were seemed to be filled with thrill to make some beautiful and easy to build things on their own. Each of us, present in the workshop, without wasted a single moment, instigated to discuss what to make with wood working.


After a logical discussion, we ended up with an amazing idea to make creative photo frames. It looked so good to see every one engaged in giving shapes to their frames and painting them with enormous concentration.


The sounds of drilling and grinding were adding up to this beautiful scene. When everyone was done with their frames, there were a number of artistic inventions to appease the eyes.


Undoubtedly, this is the best way to make your weekends more logical and creative, and to give some quality time to your creativity.

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