Welcome to Nuts and Boltz

Nuts and Boltz is a community operated makerspace where people with different minds come and work on different disciplines and present their ideas and innovations and exchange their knowledge like machining, art, aeronautics, robotics, digital art, fashion technology, computers, social activities , science projects and education. The peers are encouraged to work on their own project and share their knowledge on group projects with other members. The members can use all the resources like the raw material and products and can take guidance from professionals which help them to develop their projects at their own. This enhances hands on experience for all the individuals who are new to technology in all the disciplinary subjects.
Makerspace is basically a community center with tools. These combined manufacturing equipments, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create manufactured works that wouldn’t be possible to be created with the resources available to individuals working alone. These spaces can take the form of loosely-organized individuals sharing space and tools, for-profit companies, non-profit corporations, organizations affiliated with or hosted within schools, universities or libraries, and more.


Our goal is to nurture the next generation of creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Our mission is to support and promote teaching, learning, manufacturing and practicing a wide variety of crafts. We are an eclectic group of makers, creators, programmers, scientists and engineers and we’ve set up a space to meet, work, socialize, share ideas and collaborate. We offer learning sessions and other resources to make your ideas come to life. To support our vision we offer the following:


At Nuts and Boltz, we believe in taking young minds together to bring out absolutely incredible innovations. Nuts and Boltz gives you an excellent platform to showcase the talent residing inside you, which you may be even unaware of! Come and join us to explore things in an expedient manner and give wings to your ideas.


Let your own inventions make you shine with Nuts and Boltz! We offer you immense ways to explore your mindset and capabilities. At Nuts and Boltz, you get to know about newer and newer technologies and get a complete access to reinvent the existing stuff with a twist of your ideas or even invent some all new exhilarating stuff on your own.


Creativity is something that exists inside each one of us; it’s just that, some of us have unleashed it and some are still unacquainted of its presence. At Nuts and Boltz, you get a vigilant environment to bring out your creativity with expert supervision and guidance. It is really good to see something extra ordinary coming out of creative minds working together.

Meet the Founder



A serial entrepreneur, Saurabh Ahuja is the founder and chairman of London-based telecom carrier service Verscom-Voice and owner of Hong Kong based Telefone Media Ltd. He is an active investor and regularly appears on talk shows; having experience of more than 10 years in entrepreneurship he is looking forward to start more and more companies. As strategy consultant, he consulted more than 50 companies over the globe. He is thrilled to add his personal and professional experience with Nuts & Boltz Makerspace and transform it as one of the top makerspaces.