Age is just a number and not a measure of capabilities

It was the Arduino time! Another exciting session of Arduino was almost ready to begin. I familiarized the participants, who aged between 14 and 54, with the space. Everyone’s eyes were filled with amaze as Pranav, a 16 year old talented and aficionado, came and introduced himself as the coach of the session. It was the first time in the history of Nuts and Boltz that the participants got the chance to learn amazing stuff from such a tender aged coach. All were keen to get the workshop started.


The workshop got a superb start and right from the moment of its instigation, it went off in a highly smooth and effective way. Passion of making could be seen in every corner of the space. Everyone was enjoying the tinkering with Arduino while Pranav was relishing his all new experience of teaching.


Pranav has always been passionate about making newer stuff, he usually comes down to the space to learn or make something with a twist of innovation and creativity. Out of his gigantic passion he built his dream drone, a couple of days back here at NB Makerspace, which efficiently measures the air purity level.


Coming back to the workshop, I would definitely say that this champ, Pranav, was so colossally determined to make this Arduino Workshop a true success by putting his heart & soul into it. I am so pretty sure that the participants were wellcontented by this 16 year young teacher. The happy faces of the participants were themselves showing up sheer satisfaction of being taught by a knowledgeable mentor.
A wonderful saying fits perfect here, only a jeweler can evaluate the worth of a diamond; we, at Nuts and Boltz are pro at evaluating the worth of the talent. Nuts and Boltz always believes that a maker’s capabilities does not bank by his age, rather it relies on his passion.
We wish Pranav a great success ahead!

Writen by : Anamika Mallick