Assembling a Robotic Car

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to assemble a robotic car for various projects.
Our main aim is to assemble a Robotic Car with 2 Motors and one Castor Wheel so that its one wheel is free while it’s steering can be controlled by controlling 2 motors.

For reference, check the image in Figure1 below:


    For Assembling a Robotic Car, we will need following components:

  • 1 x Chassis
  • 1 x Castor Wheel
  • 2 x DC BO Motors
  • 2 x DC BO Motor Wheels
  • 4 x Single Strand Wires

Once all the components are collected, remove the protective cover from Chassis


pritective covering

Once the chassis is opened, Attach the provided clamp to a DC Motor as shown in the Figure 4.
After that, Use the Provided Nuts to hold clamp in place

DC motor

After that, attach clamps to both motors such that shafts of both the motors are opposite to each other, as shown in Figure 5.


After fixing clamps to DC Motors, it’s time to attach wires to DC Motor terminals.
Insert Single strand wires in motor terminals and bend them gently, locking their position. Such that, they do not come out of their positions.
For reference, check Figure 6 below:


Similarly, Attach wires to both the DC Motors and bend them to hold them in their place. For reference, check Figure 7 given below:


After fixing wires in both the DC Motors, fix them on chassis as shown below in Figure 8 and Figure 9



After mounting the motors, next step would be to mount the wheels over BO DC Motors. Now, wheels are designed for such motors. So, they will easily slide over motor’s shaft but will remain loose until fixed using a screw.


After mounting wheels over both the motors, fix both the wheels over motor shafts using small screws as displayed in Figure 11 below


After mounting wheels on DC Motors, mount the castor wheel in front portion of chassis as shown in Figure 12 below:


Once the castor wheel is mounted on chassis, the robotic car is ready to be modified. This car can be modified to make a Line Follower, Obstacle Avoider or any other wheeled Robot.


All the components displayed above can be purchased from following links:

Motor Wheels
Caster Wheel
DC Motor