It was a woodworking workshop when he asked me to join the crew as a participant as he had no skills on carpentry, “Anytime” was my answer on the same. There was a bombardment of questions in his mind after my statement “Will I be able to do it?” “Is it safe to handle tools and do woodworking?” I asked him to get some water and just come up to the woodworking workshop.

Finally the day arrived and I started with tool training with a motivational speech; all of them were beginners but had a lot passion to learn about this super amazing art.



Most of us believe woodworking/carpentry is meant for carpenters who usually repair household/office furniture. Folks, “it’s an art” you might feel there is nothing creative about handling tools, spoiling clothes and wasting energy on woodworking and making some stuff with wood even though we can purchase anything made up of wood from local/online shops. Guys trust me, there is nothing as joyful to see your ideas taking shapes and happiness is when you realize that you did everything with your bare hands, it’s a proud moment which can only be experienced and not just heard.

The workshop was all about tool training, tool handling and woodworking and in the end participants had to finish up by making a photoframe using woods, colors and other art and craft material. Tushar is a superb Artist and a regular member of NB Makerspace, Delhi.

“You mentioned you can bring your ideas to life” Tushar asked me, “Yeaah, that’s what happens here” I replied. Without wasting a single moment he took one A4 size paper and searched for a pencil, with a speed similar to Ferrari F50 he made a sketch on it and asked me “Is it possible to make it real?”


“When do you want to start?” I replied, he was thrilled to know that yes it is possible for a person who does not even know the A-B-C-D of rapid prototyping.

I traced the sketch in corel and converted the file in .svg format, taught him some basics about ShapeOko 2, we got this awesome hobby cnc machine especially for small prototyping jobs, started with Easel and added the design. He then took one mdf sheet of 5mm thickness. I assisted him to place


it on Shapeoko and then “Boom, Action” it started. I used a 1.5mm drill to cut and engrave the design made by him, it only took 1 hour to complete with the cnc operation and result was promising. “Sir, how come it’s possible to make the exact sketch on such mdf sheet, for the first time I saw the operation of a cnc machine and yes it solved the big problem”


He became more restless to see this happening so fast that he was not even ready to take the next step. He asked for some LED’s that can add a glow effect in the eyes of his Iron Man Photo Frame. I taught him some easy facts about soldering and connections and made one light arrangement for the eyes. I used 6 high bright LED’s and connected them in series such that they can be powered up by a 12V Dc Adapter.


His jaw dropped on floor when he saw the glimpse of this design “It’s F$#@*!g Awesome” he said to me, “I know and it will look better after you paint it up” I told him. I sensed he is super amazed to see his sketch taking shape, the barrier of impossible was broken and now he started believing on himself “Yes, you can do it, all you need to do is try” I told him.


He completed the paint job; it was already 9pm in our NB Makerspace. There was slow music, there was sound of technology, there was a stroke of art, there was aroma of creativity, innovations were happening and boom of ideas, what else can be a better place to spend a weekend. Come up to our NB Makerspace folks, it’s always open for anyone who likes to create, make, tinker, learn, share, teach, innovate, play and much more.

The final product was an eye opener for me as well, I never remember when I stared on anyone like the way I stared on this photo frame. It is a master piece, “I never felt confident like the way I am feeling” He told me, “that’s what happens when you make anything on your own, it’s not about just using tools and making sounds on wood, it’s about “inception to completion” in a makerspace. We offer possibilities to build your ideas to life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]