Robotics is a science that encompasses three engineering domains- mechanical, electrical and software. It emerges to be the most exciting and promising field. Hand Task was made as a research project to learn and teach the movement of robotic arms.

It is controlled by an easy to use Graphical User Interface that enables the user to control all the movements with his/her mouse only. The movement of the Hand task is based on PID algorithms. It can pick and place objects in its surroundings.

The making process involved a lot of experiments and iterations. The first steps were to control a single servo with the GUI and then controlling the multiple servos in synchronization. Difficulty levels increased further as progress was made in the project. The next challenge was to make the perfect mechanical structure (works as the foundation stone for robots). Then giving our hand task the perfect robotic arm movement PID algorithms were developed. In the final steps all the software and hardware components were brought together look something like you are seeing in the picture.