Hardware Incubation

Excellence in Rapid Prototyping

We provide you a unique blend of OEM services, leading to the production of world class future technologies. These comprise of value-added Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping services for clients in a wide variety of industries, including Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Architecture, and Consumer Goods.

NB offers a wide variety of incubation services to help you with whatever you dream up. Incubation services are available to NB members for per hour costs with a 2-hour minimum in the following categories:


If you have an idea and know how to make it but need a little advice
NB is ready to help you choose the right way to tackle your project challenges. If you havequestions like, “I have SolidWorks design but can’t 3D print it” or “I have some idea but don’t know which technology should be used to make it, we
can help you find answers quickly!


If you have an idea but need someone to make it for you
With Prototyping service, you actually work alongside one of our instructors/makers to produceyou’re the parts of your design. If you have already conceptualize your idea but need someone to make it for you, then NB Prototypingmay be just the service you’ve been looking for.


If you have the basic idea but want to learn how to make it precisely
NB is ready to help those passionate makers who desire to invent their products by their bare handsbut lack knowledge and/or experience. Nuts and Boltz offers you a dedicated training from expert coaches at a very nominal additional

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