Let me introduce you our special member in our maker space, Nao robot. It’s a “humanoid Robot” 58 cm tall, cute and small. This robot can recognize you, play with you and can interact with you. We got this Robot from Aldebaran Robotics. After its long journey from Paris, it reached us and we started unboxing it. Initially we faced some problems like understanding this Robot. This robot can be programmed by C++, python, Matlab and dot net.

The best tool I used to program this robot is choregraphe, this is flow chart based software. This robot has camera on board which helps in image processing and other sensor which interacts with surroundings. This robot also shows some emotional feelings like example when this robot is working for long time it tells me “servos are heating up, I need some rest”. When it slips from our hand and falls down its says “ ooouch!”. It feels as if it is a real human.


So our first task is to make the Robot welcome every person who visits our work place and explain about our maker space. It was pretty difficult task for me , as I need to give all the dimension of our maker space to this robot and I need to design flow chart such that it welcomes the public. It was not that much perfect but it was satisfied and it gave us some confidence.

One day all set for Christmas, our second task is we need to make a video such that Nao robot wishing Merry Christmas… I became busy in designing flow chart and it was not only my role, it was entire team became busy by setting the locations and hanging around the Christmas tree. At last it was finally done. Our efforts are rewarded. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION… It was a single take. It is a successful mission.


Then all set for Republic Day, as I am not present during that week , it was the responsibility of Mr. Arshad under the guidance of Mr. Varun to make this Robot greet on Republic Day. The flow chart was more accurate then compared to previous one, as it is showing complete human behavior. Once again credit goes to entire team.


As the days passed we analyzed lots of things from our dear Robot Nao, it became our good companion and it became part of our team.
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