“Enough of the wheeled robots”, I said to myself let’s try and make some legged robots. The one you are seeing in the picture is a result of hard work and efforts which put this idea to practicality. It was named Rocky. Rocky can move in four directions and also take clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

Balancing a six legged robots is easy as compared four legged one. The mechanical structure needs to be perfect, so does the algorithms that control the motion of the robot.

The first challenge in the project is the perfect structure, thanks to the 3 D printing technology the legs and torso of rocky were 3D printed at the local makerspace.

The second thing was to select the appropriate motors that serve well our purpose, 9g hobby servo’s were available in the stock and they served the purpose very well. Arduino the favorite board of the makers was used for the controlled movement of the Rocky.

After a lot of tests and iterative processes and spine chilling algorithms in the winter of 2014 the Rocky became a reality and so became my dream of making a legged robot.