As I reached Nutz and Boltz, my eyes went out to every nook and corner of the office and excitement started gripping me. I was amazed and thrilled to see so many equipments and machines. The ambience of the place was so magnetic that I started waiting anxiously when I could just jump start and begin working. Without wasting a moment I sat down to decide what I wanted to make. I wanted to make something which could involve as many machines and techniques as possible. After a lot of discussions, I decided to make Falling Snowflakes.

I enthusiastically looked into some of the designs; and finalized the most beautiful one. Excitement was building up, the Gcode for the design was created and then it was sent to the 3D printer. I stood there on my toes watching the 3D printer do its job. It was a treat to witness 3D printer do the printing.


Meanwhile the printing was going on; I decided to get my wooden frame ready. I chose one of the wood pieces and decided to cut it according to my desired dimensions. Listening to the soothing music being played I started giving shape to my frame. Being novice Varun guided me in using the woodworking tools! I had cut the wood pieces using Jig Saw and filed it using Orbital Sander. Then the two wood pieces were fixed and the frame was ready!


I was so engrossed in making my little product that didn’t realize when it was 4:30 pm already. In that little moment of realization of time I also realized I was starving like anything, so we had Nazim’s chicken rolls.

So by now, the frame and snowflakes were ready. Next thing was to paint them. So, grabbed the painting brushes, paints and started with painting the snowflakes. Initially thought of making them white, but white was looking really “boring and routine” to Tushar , Varun and me. After a lot of brainstorming Tushar came up with idea of doing thread paint on the snowflakes. All geared up he diluted the colors and started with painting them. Once he completed his work, we were satisfied with our snowflakes’ beauty. The frame was painted brown to give it real wood finish.


Finally it was the time to assemble all of the parts together .It was unbelievable to see something like this building up from scratch in front of you. I sat there gazing with amazement at the little product looking so beautiful.


It is always joyful to see yourself being so productive, and places like Nutz and Boltz helps you do it. Nutz and Boltz is a confluence of technology, creativity and innovation. Cheers guys you are contributing in making this world a better place!

Written by:
Taru Maheshwari
Software Engineer