We planned to utilize our weekend by hosting a meetup at our makerspace, and the moment we made an event on our facebook page and a lot of people started contacting us and asked what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen and what we have for them.

Folks, it was a networking and making day, we met and introduced each other followed by an activity and some serious discussions on the upcoming projects/build groups. Due to bad traffic conditions I reached at 10.30 am, and found people sitting and chit chatting with each other.
We started with an introductory session and as usual Pranav took the lead by introducing himself as a Robot Maker. The ambience was filled up with a lot positive energy; another student who got admission in Standford University participated in this meetup. His desire is to go in research and development sector and now his target is to get admission in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Pranav explaining his researches!
Sufian, an industry professional, demonstrated a project which was made by using Raspberry Pi. It’s a Media Centre, in which user can browse internet, play music, play videos or can play slideshow of images. It’s an open source project but yet it’s a great platform to work on Pi.

A screen shot of Media Centre using Raspberry Pi.

The introductory and networking session continued and people came out with some really fascinating ideas. Komal is a working professional; she described her research paper on Cosmic Energy which was published in International Research Journal of Computer Science. The research paper was about time travelling and space science.

Komal explaining her research paper on cosmic energy.

Aditya Nand, a graduate from Delhi College of Engineering and currently a working professional, shared his insights on his upcoming research project. According to him, this product is going to solve an open ended problem related to managing things on our work bench. There were some more discussions on some open source projects like Arduino powered book scanner and Retro Gaming Parlour using Raspberry Pi.

After the networking session, I explained them “Key to Happiness” i.e. act like a child and you will find happiness everywhere. Tumble wings or walk along gliders are basically toys but how many of you think it’s never fun to play with a toy?

I explained them science behind these tumble wings and how they actually fly, everyone was thrilled to see that art and craft material on table again, newspapers, colors, scissors, glue sticks and all such things took us back to our school days when we used to have a S.U.P.W period which was always fun to attend.

They found it crazy to again hold these tools to cut those newspaper strips using scissors and adding correct marks using scale and sketch pen. As usual, a lot of people ask me why this NAO Robot always sits in the main area. To this I tell them the complete story of my meeting with Alix Chen,Aldebaran Robotics and how we partnered with them to create one more humanoid that will be more stable, durable and intelligent.
I know a lot of people have a desire to work with NAO Robot, this is what I hear in every workshop we have in Nuts & Boltz Makerspace.

With a really bad design, Pranav came up first and discussed why he is having trouble making this simple tumble wing, I asked him simple?

He understood this till he completed the final design, it’s not that easy and the super hard work is flying a tumble wing. When done carefully, anyone can fly it using a cardboard, we did not have card boards so we preferred sunpack sheets as the alternate for cardboards.

Somehow everyone managed to fly their tumble wings, and yes it was a fun ending of this Weekend Maker Party. Folks, it’s a great way to utilize your time, we all go to shopping malls, watching movies and other regular stuff on weekends to hang out with friends. Similarly if you wanna try out some really cool experience on making things and want to connect with a large community of like minded people who also like making things then come up in our makerspace anytime or join any of our Weekend Maker Party.