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An eclectic group of Makers, Creators, Enthusiasts, Programmers, Scientists and Engineers who meet, work, socialize, share ideas and collaborate to bring newer technologies and inventions. Latest Tools, Machines, Resources, and Ideas- all you get with Nuts and Boltz.

Our Services

An exquisite range of manufacturing services which includes PCB Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing. Further, we’ve brought Comprehensive Learning Sessions, Expedient Manufacturing Facilities, and Online Product Marketing to embolden the maker’s passion.

Our Mission

We see Nuts and Boltz as an elate platform to bring out the hidden young talent of the Nation. We offer the enthusiasts to come up with newer ideas and bring them to life. Our Subject Matter Experts are there to endow their knowledge to give wings to your imagination.

Learn, make, create with Nuts and Boltz

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Learning is fun with Nuts and Boltz. From paper folding to drone making and 3D printing, we make learning extremely comprehensive.


Isn’t it great creating interesting stuff with super creative people? Give wings to your innovative ideas and create amazing things at Nuts and Boltz.


When people with similar minds meet, some wonderful inventions do take place. We offer you numerous of ways to invent incredible stuff at Nuts and Boltz.


Teaching is redefined at Nuts and Boltz. We have highly professional and technical people at Nuts and Boltz to teach you in an expedient way.


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Hardware Incubation

A step closer to the future!

The Nuts and Boltz Research and Development Cell dedicatedly works on numerous of commercial projects in the field of Robotics, Automated Systems, and Device Prototyping. We provide you an amazing blend of OEM services which eventually leads to the production of world class future technologies.

Robotics and Automation

Love Robots? Make them your way!
Robotics and Automation is emerging as one of the most exciting and promising field. At Nuts and Boltz, we offer you a wonderful range of Robotics and Automation. Learn and make perfect structures of your own Robots.

3D Printing

Know the potential of 3D Printing!
Get to know what 3D Printing is all about with Nuts and Boltz and create any object out of 3D printing. For this, you just need blueprints of the objects on your computer, a 3D printer, and an expert supervision.

IoT Devices

Be futuristic with Nuts and Boltz!
Let your stuff interact with one another. Yes, we create amazing IoT devices to let you make your home, a smart home where everything knows what to do without your instructions. Learn the supremacy of internet with Nuts and Boltz.

Aerial Vehicles

Fly high with technology!
Nuts and Boltz brings a splendid range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to you. If you are a tech geek and have immense passion, this is the place for you. Make your own Drones and Quad copters with us.

Manufacturing Facility

A professionally maintained manufacturing facility that includes the tools and machines for precision metal machining, electrical fabrication, electronics fabrication, 3D printing, woodworking, robotics, computer-aided design, aero modelling, physical computing etc.

Access to the Space

Affordable monthly and daily membership plans that include access to our facilities on weekdays and weekends. Workstations and benches to work on projects and collaborate with others. Fully equipped with wifi, conference room, display gallery, pantry, washroom etc.

Global Maker Movement

We plan to collaborate regularly with local, national, and international organizations and groups who share similar ideals on projects, hackathons, online promotion of member projects, and more. Be a part of our maker movement. Share knowledge and explore the possibilities.


Hands-on skill development from basic handling of professional equipment to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home projects, to professional photography, art, audio and video production, to software, electronics and robotics. We are inviting experts from the globe to share, train and work with us.

Partners, Collaborators, and Supporters

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