You can visit Nuts and Boltz in weekdays between 10am-6pm and one of our team members will help you understand different ways to connect with us.

There are monthly and daily memberships and between these two there are several different tiers you can choose from that work best for you. Please see our membership page for more info.

You will get access to a large variety of tools, electronics and machines. After becoming a member you will get discounts on our classroom and studio programs. Membership allows you to connect with a large community of makers to work on collaborative projects.

We offer hourly pass for anyone who want to use our space for limited time. This is our smallest package because it is a fairly major investment for us to process new users. We offer daily-passes and monthly memberships for regular users who want to connect with us on a regular basis. More information about day-passes and membership can be found here.

Before giving membership, our staff member will first supervise your ability to handle these tools and machines. If you are inexperienced on using most tools and machines, then you will be suggested to take training on tools and machine handling. You can either learn it from your college or institution if they have the facility or you can take our classes or trainings offered by Nuts and Boltz.

Safety is our prime concern, if are below 18 then you can visit Nuts and Boltz with a guardian or a coach. You can take our classes and studio programs but you cannot become a member.


Absolutely! Most of our classes are designed to teach people who have little or no experience with the topic. Our instructors and coaches are enthusiastic about their areas of knowledge and love to get new people hooked.

No. All of our classes, tool trainings and testing are open to the public and do not require membership to attend.

No other fees are necessary to attend a class. Class costs cover your membership for the duration of class time.

Yes, you can attend a class at Nuts and Boltz. Only memberships are restricted to 18+ age.

Yes, you can teach a class in Nuts and Boltz by sending a proposal to Our staff member will contact you shortly.


We have tools for electronics, woodworking, metal working, 3D printing, art and craft, CNC’s and power machines. You can check our Hardware Cabin for more details.

Monthly and daily members have access to our tools but are required to demonstrate familiarity with equipment before being allowed to use it unsupervised. This is both to protect our equipment and our members. See our Current Classes for more information.

You must first know how to use the tool before using it. Once you have taken a training session you will be tested on your ability to use the tool. Once you have gone through this Tool Testing you may use the tool independently.

Storage is available to monthly members. If you are a member then you will be able to use your storage space to store your projects in Nuts and Boltz.

We offer our members to connect to a large community of artists, makers, entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators. You will get benefits like discounted prices in our classes and workshops and can work as a coach in Nuts and Boltz. See our Hardware Cabin for more information about offerings in memberships.

We have weekend events based upon art and craft, music, origami, lamp making, paper collage, and robotics for kids. These are all free events and do not require any membership to attend.

You must check our event calendar before visiting Nuts and Boltz as a class can be fixed and members cannot access our makerspace at that duration. You can either attend that class or you can wait for the class to get over.

We are located at Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi. It takes only 10 mins to reach us from the nearest metro station. Delhi Metro is the best public transport to reach us. Come to “Netaji Subhash Place” metro station, it’s on red line metro. You need to walk till “D-Mall” and ask someone about “Wazirpur Bus Depot”, they will give you directions, cross the main road using underpass. Reach Wazirpur Bus Depot and enter in the building “HAFED”. Ask the security guard about “Section-6, Block-A” and you will find us.

Yes, you can come to Nuts and Boltz any time between 10am-6pm Monday to Saturday. We don’t charge for a visit.