What exactly is it ?

‘Teach a Class’ is basically an initiative of Nuts and Boltz where an individual, be it a ‘teacher’ or a ‘coach’ can mentor a class on emerging concepts. A ‘teacher’ in a makerspace, is the master strategist who is actively engaged with the students through the entire process of learning and teaching. The primary objective of the class teacher should be to smoothen out the acquisition of concept to all the participants of the class, whether they are Nuts and Boltz team members or some other people brought by the teacher him/ herself. Nuts and Boltz endows all its space and tools for such classes.

What is the purpose of initiating it?

Knowledge shouldn’t be kept confined, what is wrong in sharing ‘what you are master in’ with others?
And for this, we have started a ‘Teach a Class’ initiative to transfer your ocean of Knowledge and Talent to others. So, if you have something you are passionate about or you are master in, then come to Nuts and Boltz and have a chance to take a class.

Remember, “By not sharing our Talents, our Knowledge, our Wisdom and our Abilities, we Limit our Possibilities.” 

How can you get benefitted of it?

50% of the output will be shared with you which excludes the workshop expenses like food, water, kits etc.

In addition to this, all the needy resources will be provided by our makerspace. You will get your payment within 7 days after the class.